Jurong Bird Park

 About The Park

Considered to be the largest bird park in Asia with a staggering 20.2 to hectares, and around 380 species of birds, this truly is a bird lovers paradise.  Complete with an artificial rainforest setting, one soon forgets that they are in Singapore and feel as though they have been magically transported into the thick of the Amazon rainforest.

Getting There + Admission costs

The easiest way to get to Jurong Bird park is by taxi, you could take bus or MRT but there is quite a walk from the nearest station/bus stop, therefore taxi is by far the best choice.

Upon entering the park you have a number of ticket options, for adults you can pay $23.00 and get a ticket that includes the panorail ride, or if you prefer to walk around the park then it's $18.00 which is pretty reasonable. Children's tickets cost $12.00

What to see  and highlights

There are enough species ranging from colorful to weird and wonderful to keep you entertained for the day. Whether your a photographer, bird lover,  or just here on a family outing there is plenty to see.

Several areas of key interest are  the "South-East Asian Aviary", "African Waterfall", Fuji Hawk walk Window of Paradise" so named since it houses around 12 varieties of birds of paradise, sadly none of which were around during my visit!

The park hosts a number of shows, and  of these, the most rewarding is the "King Of The Skies" show which takes place at 4pm daily. It lasts for around 30mins and gives you an opportunity  to bear witness to trained falconers demonstrate the agility, speed and dexterity of natures magnificent birds of prey, ranging from the Bald Eagles, Peregrine Falcons, several species of Owls, Vultures  and Brahminy Kites.
 Seeing a Peregrine falcon snatch its prey in mid air at speeds that would rival the fastest jet fighters is nothing short of spectacular. An owls silent, stealthy  flight, well suited to hunting in total darkness would even impress a certain vigilante we all know and love.

If you have children with you then it is worth checking out the Lori feeding program which starts around 1pm, much fun is to be had here feeding these colorful parrots.

Final Thoughts

Highly recommended, one of the best places to observe birds in a semi natural environment if a trip to the jungles of Africa, the mountains of Mongolia and The Amazon rainforest are beyond your reach.

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