Paralympics London 2012


Paralympics London 2012, a set on Flickr.

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London 2012 Paralympics

Last evening saw London once again take to the centre stage of the world as they hosted the 2012 Paralympics in a dazzling spectacle of sight and sound.

Originating in England 1948, the first paralympic games, then known as the wheelchair  games was the brain child of  Dr Ludwigg Guttman who created the games as a form of rehabilitation excercise for patients who had suffered spinal damage. Now  64 years later the games would return home. And they would return with a bang.

The main theme of the paralympic opening ceremony revolved around equality and the creation of the universe. Narrated by one of the foremost authorities on theoretical physics Steven Hawking.

Thousands took to the stage depicting the creation of the universe and also highlighting the discoveries of one of Great Britain's greatest scientists Sir Isaac Newton.  There were fireworks, flying umbrellamen, and over 4000 paralympian athletes who all made this possible.

Performances from artists known and unknown both helped to make the opening ceremony one that would linger in the hearts of not just British but those around the world  as a true testimony to how at the end of the day despite our differences, we are all equal.

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