The Sydney Adventure..

I arrived in yesterday (Saturday) afternoon, and after being picked up by my friend wasted no time in hitting the road. We drove to Akuna bay where we stopped at Karungai National park. We were hoping to see a few wild Kangaroos and Koala bears but unfortunately we weren't lucky enough. However, I did manage to get some stunning photographs of the surrounding landscape treating your eyes to stunning panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.

After wandering through the national park we decided to turn back as it started to rain and getting caught in a torrential downpour is not something I had planned for.
Just as we hit the road the rain stopped and the skies cleared, we felt inclined to turn back but pressed on towards Newport beach, where once again I reveled in the beauty of the Pacific Ocean and golden sand beaches.

Darkness soon approached and we headed into centre point where we walked on George street, Pitt street, and circular quay stopping at city extra restaurant to satisfy my hunger with a delicious serving of pumpkin soup and generously large seafood pie, a scrumptious meal costing $40 AUD per head for the dinner.

It was now 1am and my lack of sleep had taken its toll on me so it was time to call it a night.

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